Website Design


Most people think that having a website for your business is all that is required to market online, but the truth is it needs more than most of us think. A website acts as the face of your business, and it is useless unless it captures customer’s attention and wins the respect of future customers. Your website should be a strategic tool that drives both measurable and specific measures. A website should contain some things for it to bring the success it is expected to, but if these things lack, then it will be breaking your business.

Below are three key things that will either make or break your business


rdfghZxcA website should contain information about what differentiates you from the rest, what do you have for the customer to trust you? And what is your value? Do not just list the products you offer with their prices and think that your web design is complete. Let your website be smart and strategic, do not cut on the content cost to save, because it will cost you greatly in future. Your website should too not tell about the weak part of your business. This can in a big way hurt the reputation of your business. A website with good content, on the other hand, will earn customer loyalty and build your business’s credibility. The right content too can earn you good rankings in search engines and at the end of the day give you good money.


A website should win the trust of customers who have not even worked with you before. It should project reliability and trustworthiness.

This can be affected by some factors which include

Is your website responsive? Is it user-friendly and up to date? How easy is it to navigate the website? If the answers to all the above questions are positive, then it will make your business. But if otherwise, you should do something because your website is about to break your business.


Are you continuously present and active on major social media networks? This makes it easy for more and more customers to see your work.

Clear calls to action

dfcvszxdfbnMost websites provide such information but fail to follow it up. Do not leave the work of knowing what to do next after an issue arise to your customers. Be clear on information such as who to call? What to read next? What forms to fill for what? Calls to action should be very specific and clear. It is also important to inform the customer on what other products and services are available, encourage them to interact with you either online or offline and ask customers to share any information with you, give them a chance for compliments and even complaints. Another most important thing is to make sure that you offer what you promise on your website to your customer.