What Are Swegways?


Swegway is a term becoming popular by the day. On YouTube and Instagram people are going crazy with the 2-wheel device and you probably feel left out if you do not have one of this. But as much as this subject is a popular one; not many know what they are riding. So, what are Swegways anyway?

What are Swegways?

These are 2-wheel scooter-like vehicles with a self-balancing mechanism. It is like a little fancy car that got its popularity over the media in 2015. In a way, it is a clone of electric scooter and Segway. That means nobody knows what it is and that is why the name is so unfamiliar to many people even those riding it.

The ambiguity with Swegwayst2gwdrfwed5t62y72u82

Nobody quite understands where the term “swegway” came from. Urban dictionary associates the name with “sidemen” who frequently used this vehicle they called swegway for their videos. From there the name stuck, and it is used today. But the truth is that there is a lot of confusion on what to call these fancy vehicles that everyone seems to be talking about. First, they are not traditional scooters like you know them.

Secondly, they are not Segways in so many ways, so you are left what really to call them. Probably the person who called them swegways was in the same dilemma, and that is why the name raises so many questions. This ambiguity has led to many people to call their devices different names. Some call it Swagway, IQ Hawk, and many other fancy names.

Where did the Swegway craziness come from?

The media watgwedrfw5edt62y72u2s the biggest source of the wave on Swegways. Celebrities closely followed by uploading their videos to YouTube and Instagram while riding these devices. This drove many people crazy, and they wanted to have a piece for themselves. It all began there, and everyone can’t wait to lay their hands on this 2-wheel vehicles. The dust has not settled on the popularity of this device as many more people are buying it.

It is not only in the US where the Swegway is raising waves; all over around the world, the fancy vehicle is becoming a trend. Good news is that now you know what it is. Grab yours today and join the club of riders. The price ranges vary depending on quality, but you can be sure to get something good for your pocket. There you go; have a safe ride!…