Challenges that Face Smartphones and Their Solution


Who doesn’t have problems with their smartphone? Everyone is looking for some way to fix the problem on theirs. Each day sees a new challenge come up and wit each a solution. Apart from some solid problems like a cracked screen, most other problems need that you have basic knowledge of your phone and you can be having an easy time. So, which are these challenges and how can you solve them when they come up?

Blocked phone

SmartphoneYour smartphone may block after forgetting your SIM password, pattern, phone password. On the extreme, it may be due to having obtained it from a third party and it gets blocked as a lost phone by the service provider. Unblocking it is important so that you continue using it. Unblocking the sim requires the PUK number; but if its due to forgotten passwords or pattern you can risk losing all the data through a total reset of the factory settings.

So, if you are wondering How to unlock iPhone 6, then you can check the Internet and get the solution that you want. Use Google recovery, the SDK android method; or other apps which can work by connecting your phone to a PC, and reset it by using the specific app.

Slowing down

Downloading many apps tends to slow the functionality of your phone. Large or many files are a great contributor too. The way to help your phone come back to speed is by cleaning large and unused files, especially media files, removing apps you don’t use and scanning for possible viruses. This will increase the space of the phone’s RAM and as a result the phones speed.

Fast draining battery

Ever wonder how quick your phone is losing power? Loss of power mostly means the phone is greatly consuming more than you expect. This may be due to many causes like many running apps, fully lit screen, length of time the phone is awake, using it for a long time or an old battery. Reducing light, blocking apps from working in the background and closing the apps you are not using will reduce the problem.

Data problems

phone problemsData problems come up when you are losing data fast or the connectivity is a bit slow and you cannot get the promised internet speeds. Losing data may be due to apps updating in the background without your permission or because of lots of Internet use. Block background data and use only the necessary. Slow connectivity may be due to being in a region of low Internet bandwidths. If your WI-FI has a problem connecting, restarting it may solve the problem.

Broken screen and water accidents

This is common as accidents do happen. Preventive measures are the best way to solve this. Get a cover for your screen and phone; this reduces the impact thus the screen won’t break easily. Beware of the surrounding so that you won’t place the phone where it could slide in a pool or come into contact with water.

Many problems arise with smartphones, blue tooth connectivity, apps problems, sd card problems, bugs, lighting, not connecting to your PC and much more. As said before, knowledge about the way your phone functions will save the day.